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Appaloosa Weanlings

Appaloosa Horses for Sale - Weanlings

  At Bridgeman Land & Livestock we strive to produce quality Appaloosa weanlings. Our foals have excellent conformation with a pretty head, correct legs and well proportion bodies. To go along with their looks they have good dispositions, outstanding temperaments and that famous Appaloosa color. Our Appaloosa foals will go on to excel at a variety of events. Many horses from our program have gone on to become youth and amateur horses, trail riding horses, show horses as well as ranch and roping horses. We do not breed for a specific event we breed horses that are all around Appaloosa performance horses.

  In our Appaloosa foals we strive to produce color. We have many blanket foals as well as a few leopards each year. They usually have base colors of black, brown, sorrel or bay with a few palominos.

  All appaloosa colts are enrolled in the NAERIC Advantage Program. To learn more about this program visit  Also all foals are registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada and can be registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club.

  All of our foals are born between the beginning of April and the end of May. They are born in the yard then spend the rest of the summer in pastures with their mothers. Our foals are raised on good open prairie pasture. Also our mares are fed oats everyday and their babies eat right along with them at the trough so that when they are weaned they all know how to eat oats by themselves. This allows the foals to get a good start in life.

  Our stallions carry bloodlines of Miracle Moon, Top Moon, Hayes Roman Cloud, The Ole Man, Rock Star, Skipa Star, Skip's Reward, James Bond, Goer, Princes MacDonald, Chico's Pepita De Oro.

  Many of our mares have bloodlines of My Ole Man, The Ole Man, Chico's Pepita De Oro, Chico Hancock, Mighty Paul, Chico's Snowcap, Mighty Tim, Mighty Bright, Blue Glo, Top Rock, Mighty Go Man, The Party Goer, Goer, Zip To Impress, A Supreme Legend, The Executive, Royal Review, Royal Exhibit, Bonds Reflection, James Bond, Bright Tribune, Might Secretary, Mitos Perfection, Mito Cody, Goers Design, Miracle Moon, Top Moon, Hayes Roman Cloud. About 10 of our mares are daughters of Miracle Moon, who sired numerous Canadian National champions and numerous point earners.

  Foals that have come out of our program have gone on to awesome show careers. Many are multiple national champions, national high point champions, provincial award winners and world show finalists.

  Foals can be bought directly off the farm or we take some to select weanling sales such as the Manitoba Breeders sale in Selby, Ontario. When buying directly off the farm customers can see older stock that have come from the same program to see what the foals will turn out like.

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